Past Recipients

1991.  Drew Westen, Department of Psychology

1992.  Ralph Williams, Department of English Language and Literature

1993.  Sidney Fine, Department of History

1994.  Brian Coppola, Department of Chemistry

1995.  Thomas Collier, Department of History

1996.  Carol Boyd, School of Nursing and Women’s Studies

1997.  Eric Mann, Department of Biology

1998.  Jim Adams, Department of Economics

1999.  Brenda Gunderson, Department of Statistics

2000.  Kathleen Nolta, Department of Chemistry

2001.  Burton V. Barnes, School of Natural Resources & Environment

2002.  Elliot Soloway, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, School of Information, and School of Education

2003.  Thomas Gest, Medical School

2004.  Matt Lassiter, Department of History

2005.  John Rubadeau, Department of English Language and Literature

2006.  Eric Rabkin, Department of English

2007.  Andrei Markovits, Department of Political Science

2008.  Jim Crowfoot, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment

2009.  John U. Bacon, Department of American Culture & History

2010.  Christopher Peterson, Department of Psychology

2011.  Don Herzog, Law School

2012.  Bruce Conforth, Department of American Culture

2013. Shelly Schreier, Department of Psychology

2014. Victor Lieberman, Department of History

2014. Mary Sue Coleman, University President*

2015. Stephen Strobbe, School of Nursing



*Received the Golden Apple Award for Outstanding University Leadership

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